“You are killing me”: Mylène Demongeot faced with the recurrence of her cancer, the actress suspended her treatment

“You are killing me”: Mylène Demongeot faced with the recurrence of her cancer, the actress suspended her treatment

It’s no secret that Mylène Demongeot is a fighter and not one to let bad news sink in. Even the worst, moreover: affected by the reappearance of her cancer since the beginning of spring, the actress did not collapse before the announcement of the doctors.

I came back from my trip to Senegal at the end of March, everything was fine. In the middle of May I went to the control visit that I have to do twice a year and there… shock!says in particular in an interview in france sunday. I was back! However, I was confidently going there before I was informed of the recurrence.. This thing still sucks! You think you’re cured and all of a sudden it’s gone again…it’s endless. So I started chemotherapy. But after I don’t know how many sessions between June, July and August, she was dead, she was killing me.

I am full of hope!

Exhausted by the treatments, she was very clear with the doctors: “Yes, they are trying to heal me, I told them, but at the same time, they are killing me! I couldn’t anymore.” “Very tired” what’s wrong with it “begged the doctors to stop everything“, the 87-year-old actress ended up finding a new treatment that would suit her better, immunotherapy.

It is a process that apparently works wonders. – I know at least four people who are completely cured thanks to this – and above all who do not exhaust you like chemo. So I’m crossing my fingers. I would love for it to work, for it to stop relapsing every six months. Because I swear to you, it’s unbearable!“, she still trusts france sunday. A new protocol in which he believes, maintaining his usual faith in the future despite adversity.

We have very good feedback, so I’m hopeful! If so many people got away with it, why not me? I still have a respondent!“, he affirms with humor and frankness. Especially since the actress, who now lives between her property in the countryside and Senegal, a country she adores, is full of film projects.

I have two movies to shoot.

If you were unable to travel to Nice for a tribute to your career and the screening of two of your films because of the treatment you received and you had to celebrate your 87th birthday at home, in the country, with your twelve cats and your closest friends, she is, however, preparing to plunge back into the movies when her treatment is over and she can move again. And in particular thanks to the result of Retirement housewith Kevin Adams.

I have two movies to shoot, so I don’t have time to be sick! I had Kev Adams a few days ago, he’s been hard at work writing this new script, which I can’t wait to find out. Do you see why I’m trying to heal?“, he concludes with humor.

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