Zara puts on sale a long dress with very chic and elegant shoulder pads!

Zara did it again! The firm of the Inditex group has just put on sale a long dress with chic and elegant shoulder pads!

The end of the year celebrations are drawing near! The opportunity to prepare in advance to find the perfect dress! Zara has just released a very chic and elegant outfit with shoulder pads! MCE TV tells you everything, from A to Z.

Zara puts the package for the end of the year

As time goes ! The end of the year celebrations are drawing near. To avoid crowds in stores, it is better to prepare in advance.

Eh yes! We advise you to start buying your decorations now. That is, they have a low price in various stores like Ikea for example.

If the food will arrive at the last minute, The same cannot be said for the outfit! The month of October is precisely the perfect time to redo your wardrobe and shine during the end of the year celebrations.

For Christmas, for example, you can find manyZara’s sequined outfits. There are also more elegant outfits like the black or colored suit.

One thinks in particular of the fuchsia green or pink ensemble that has caused a stir this fall. The ruffles on the sleeves made the difference. On social networks, many fashionistas have adopted this style.

But that is not all ! Zara also offers a new nugget that promises to be unanimous. Then it is a long black dress that is a must have in any wardrobe!

A very elegant dress for winter.

This dress in question is very elegant. Its appearance is refined to highlight your beautiful curves. Little added bonus, it can be worn with boots, loafers and/or with sneakers.

Not perfect! This mega long dress from Zara also has a draped design at the waist to shape the silhouette. There are also shoulder pads at the armholes of the sleeves.

Even more ! It even has a scoop neckline and a low back slit for added comfort. Isn’t it the perfect dress for parties, but also for work? comfortably or to go on a date?

With this outfit you will know how to handle style and elegance. Everything will depend on the accessories, and the footwear. If you choose sneakers with a cap, you will prefer to have a streetwear style.

If you prefer high heels, elegance and seduction are yours. On the contrary, wearing platform boots will give you a stricter look.

You have many options in stores and on the website! At Zara you can also find very nice jewelry to enhance your look. And for cause! The firm is in collaboration with Elie Top.

Necklaces, rings, earrings… There is everything to make you happy. From now on, Zara chains collaborations to boost its turnover. As a result, in the second half, the store managed sales of 10,927 million euros.

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